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Need Help? Call us on (868) 28-BUILD

Welcome to our page on Coupon Codes for Online Shoppers. Here you can find all the information you need to apply discounts while shopping on our website.

If you still have a question for us, you can get in touch with our friendly sales & support teams here.

Coupon Codes and Discounts

Every time you shop online you can use our Coupon Codes to apply discounts to your order before checkout. We will automatically add the discount to your cart once the coupon is applied.

N.B. Coupon Codes are exclusive to online shopping on our website and are not applicable to items that are already on sale. You will not be able to use them while shopping for building solutions at our physical stores.

You can get up to 7.5% off our products:

  • All Clay and Concrete products – 7.5% (coupon code “abs2020”)
  • All Metpro products except insect screens, doors, door frames – 7.5% (coupon code “abs2020”)
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