Contemporary Pavers

With 6 colour options there are over 50 possible designs that can be created.

Actual sizes: (a) 60mm H x 140mm W x 69mm D, (b) 60mm H x 140mm W x 140mm D, (c) 60mm H x 140mm W x 209mm D
Quantity per pallet: 120 squares
Unit price (plain): $10.61 VI
Unit price (coloured): $12.08 VI
Underpallet cost: $67.50 VI

Minimum purchase for free delivery: 4 pallets

Your blocks will be offloaded within 6 feet of the truck on a FLAT surface, ground level. If HIAB offloading is required (more than 6 feet from the truck, over a fence, over a drain, or above ground floor), there will be a charge of $100 per pallet to be paid to the driver on site. Read more in our terms and conditions here.

Sale applicable to orders in Trinidad ONLY. All Tobago orders must be at regular retail price and collected. There will be an additional fee of $196.14 VI per pallet for shipping to Tobago. 

Minimum 1-Ton vehicle for pick up.

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Starts at: $1,213.38 (120 Blocks)

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Please ensure that when visiting the Bestcrete Factory, your attire includes closed-toe shoes and long pants. This is a safety precaution.

Make your outdoor areas outstanding! Whether it used for driveways, walkways or patios, this low maintenance paving system delivers long lasting beauty, limited only your imagination.?With 6 colour options there are over 50 possible designs that can be created.

Why buy Bestcrete pavers instead of other flooring options?

  • Beautiful – No other material can compare to the warm texture of paving stones. They enhance the environment anywhere
  • Versatile – Our paving stones come in a range of colours which allow for a wide range of creative possibilities
  • Load bearing – The solid paving stone units are capable of handling heavy traffic and more durable than asphalt driveways
  • Easy installation – No mortar is required between joints, just sand. Installation is as easy as following a few basic steps and can be a weekend DIY project
  • Low maintenance – Paving stones are maintenance free and last a lifetime
  • Easy to remove – Pavers can be easily taken up and reinstalled ? the styles and patterns can be changed

Download the Landscaping and Retaining Wall brochure here, and installation instructions here.



Bestcrete’s name has become synonymous with the concrete block. Emulating its strength and durability and lending to it. Its commitment to the highest quality, Bestcrete concrete products are the proven standard in the regional building industry.

Additional information


a) 4in H x 5.4in W x 2.7in (60mm H x 140mm W x 69mm D), b) 4in H x 5.4in W x 5.4 Din (60mm H x 140mm W x 140mm D), c) 4in H x 5.4in W x 8.2 Din (60mm H x 140mm W x 209mm D), Total area: 0.63 ft2 (58,520 mm2)


Grey (plain), red, light brown, dark brown, yellow, black

Calculation for number of pavers required

L' x W' x 1.6


7.46 kg

Quantity per pallet

120 squares


Plain (Grey) Contemporary Paver, Red Contemporary Paver, Black Contemporary Paver, Yellow Contemporary Paver, Light Brown Contemporary Paver, Dark Brown Contemporary Paver

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ABS Paver Calculator

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