Katashi PTAC Incremental Unit

Katashi air conditioning units bring the latest in cooling solutions to you.

Size: 14,000BTU

If purchasing “Supply Only“, please note that the unit will need to be picked up in-store at our Mt. Hope branch.

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Starts at: $199.00


Starts at: $199.00

12,000 BTU 14,000BTU
Supply Only Installation Labour PTAC Standard Wall Sleeve PTAC Foldable Wall Sleeve Stamped Aluminium Grill Removal
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Please note:

1. Additional charges may be required to be paid if the complimentary site assessment identifies that the installation is not a standard installation.  These additional charges must be paid prior to the installation being executed.

2. Purchases without installation being completed by an ABS Technician, or an authorised ABS Technician, have a 3-month warranty on compressor and parts.

3. If a customer wishes to purchase the unit and use their own installer who is not registered as an authorised ABS Technician, and wishes to maintain their 7-year warranty on compressor and 1 year warranty on parts, they would be required to have their installation of the unit inspected by ABS at a fee of $250.00 plus VAT per unit.

Engineered to be both aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient, Katashi air conditioning units bring the latest in cooling solutions to you.

For more information, download the Katashi brochure here.

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12,000 BTU, 14,000BTU


7 years on compressornn1 year on parts


• Fresh Airn• Multiple Controln• UL, AHRI Certificaten• Auto-RestarnnAdded Benefits:nEasy Installation & Maintenance, Quiet, Compact Design, Compact Structure and High Efficiency.

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