Omnia Flooring System

Omnia Filler Block

  • Nominal Size: 4″ x “8 x 20″
  • Weight: 31 ½ lbs

Omnia Beam

  • Nominal Size: 2″ x 6″”
  • Variable length

A flooring system above all others – Omnia from ABEL/Bestcrete. Easy to install and lighter than regular concrete flooring, the Omnia Flooring System is ideal for all sorts of building projects, including multi-storey structures.  The Omnia Flooring System has established an excellent track record throughout the world going back to 1945. It’s been used successfully in everything from homes and schools to offices and hospital buildings.


The Omnia Flooring System is a composite floor consisting of:

  • Precast 2″ x 6″ reinforced concrete Omnia planks
  • Hollow core concrete or clay infiller blocks
  • Mesh reinforcement
  • Concrete topping

Prices and attributes available upon enquiry. CALL 665-2235 

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The precast reinforced concrete Omnia planks are positioned at certain fixed spacings and the infiller blocks are placed between them. The mesh reinforcement and concrete are then added to complete the system which provides a structurally sound floor.


  • Installation is quicker as all components are made in advance and so takes a fraction of the time normally required for other flooring systems.
  • Cost savings are realized because less material and less labour are required on site and savings can be achieved in terms of framing and foundation costs.

Step 1 – Erection of planks and blocks

  1. Place Omnia planks at fixed centres (22” for clay and 24” for concrete blocks) with a minimum 3” rest on both ends.
  2. Install temporary supports every 4’ to support planks.
  3. Place infiller blocks between planks. (Remember not to walk on blocks!)
  4. Place fixings, services ducting etc and mesh reinforcement within the span and over supports.

Step 2 – Placing of concrete

  1. Wet surfaces of blocks and planks thoroughly.
  2. Pour concrete. (Use footboards for workmen’s safety)

Step 3 – Removal of props

  1. Props should remain until concrete has sufficiently matured.

Note: Please consult ABEL/Bestcrete for more detailed information regarding the handling, stacking and lifting of the Omnia components, as well as the recommendations for cambering of long-spanned planks, and the use of additional special reinforcement for unusual loadings within spans.

For more information, download the Omnia Flooring System brochure here.

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