Savaria SL 1000 Stair Lift

The SL-1000 stair lift works on straight stairs to glide up and down in comfort and safety using the onboard controls or with the help of remote control operation, providing barrier-free access. The Savaria SL-1000 is suitable for commercial applications in most regions. 

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With its extra comfort seat, adjustable width arms and high capacity, this stair lift is feature-packed. The constant-charge battery operation means that your stair lift works even through a power failure giving you peace of mind.

The Savaria SL-1000 installs quickly and easily and its onboard diagnostic display alerts you of any service issues.


  • Applications: Residential, commercial, indoor, straight-run stairs
  • Standard Capacity: 350 lb (158 kg)
  • Maximum Travel: 32′ (9.75 m)
  • Nominal Speed: 20 ft/min (0.10 m/s)
  • Motor: 1/2 hp
  • Fold-up width from wall: 13.75″, 35 cm
  • Fold-out width: 24.25″, 61.6 cm
  • Range of incline: 25˚ to 45˚

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