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Need Help? Call us on (868) 665-2235 Ext. 3126 / 3174

Need Help? Call us on (868) 665-2235 Ext. 3126 / 3174

During Covid-19 “Stay at home” Period, 2021
Dear Valued Customer,

In support of the measures taken by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, we continue to play our part by putting people first and promoting a healthy and safe environment; enforcing social distancing and proper hygiene practices.

As a non-essential business, our operations will be closed until restrictions on the operation of retail businesses are lifted. This includes all our offices, distribution and manufacturing facilities. Your online order will be scheduled for delivery or pick-up when we reopen.

We will continue to update you through our Social Media and Website. Thank you for your invaluable support and patience during this time.

Stay Home. Be Safe. Be Responsible. Together, we will overcome this.


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