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Need Help? Call us on (868) 28-BUILD

Need Help? Call us on (868) 28-BUILD

Welcome to our FAQs section. Here you can find all the information most commonly asked by our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many things that set us apart from other online retailers of building solutions in Trinidad and Tobago, but fundamentally it’s our rich history and expertise. We have carefully designed a platform to help you navigate and find exactly what you came for.

Our FAQs aim to give you a speedy response to common questions, to keep you working for longer.

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  • When visiting or picking up at our Bestcrete Factory, please ensure that your attire includes closed-toe shoes, and long pants. This is a safety precaution.
  • To maintain your warranty on Air Conditioning Units, you must have the unit serviced every three months, and present evidence of the same (receipts, job cards, etc.)
  • If you are interested in Commercial Entrance DoorsShopfrontCladdingCurtain WallFansElevatorsLifts, or Escalators, please send us an email at [email protected], and a representative will contact you within 24-hours.
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