Classic Building Blocks

Horizontal core block used for interior and exterior walls

*Nominal Size: 4” x 8” x 12” (see description for further information)
Actual Size: (90mm x 199mm x 300mm)
Blocks per pallet: 312
Regular Unit Price: $6.50 VI

Minimum purchase for free delivery in Trinidad:  5 pallets

Your blocks will be offloaded by Hiab within 6 feet from the side of the truck on a FLAT surface, ground/road level. If HIAB offloading is required (more than 6 feet from the truck, over a wall or fence, over a drain, above ground floor, or a height of any kind), there will be a charge of $100 per pallet to be paid to the driver on site. Read more in our terms and conditions here.

Sale prices and free transportation are ONLY applicable to orders in Trinidad.
All Tobago orders must be collected and must be at regular retail price. There will be an additional fee of $195.75 VI per pallet for shipping to Tobago.

Returns – A restocking charge of 10% of the value of the item(s) shall be applied to all Standard products, which have been returned after having been delivered in accordance with the Buyer’s instructions.

Minimum 1-Ton vehicle for pick up.

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$2,028.78 (VI) (312 Blocks)

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*Nominal Size: In manufacturing, a nominal size or trade size is a size “in name only” used for identification. The nominal size may not match any dimension of the product, but within the domain of that product the nominal size may correspond to a large number of highly standardized dimensions and tolerances.

View our Product Certification License here.

Exceeds local standards, TTS 588:2015

Specific Clauses Acceptance Criteria
Compressive Strength Min. Av. of five (5) samples 4.8 N/mm². Individual 3.4 N/mm²
Absorption Max. Av. of five (5) samples 12 %. Individual 14%
Cell Requirements For 100mm width. Minimum # cells in the wall direction = 1.
Shell & Web thickness 7mm ( minimum)
Warpage ≤200mm (max. warpage = 4mm) 200mm -300mm (max. warpage = 6mm).

For more information, download the Clay brochure here.

ABEL Clay offers a better block, a superior block as compared to alternative building materials. In addition to clay’s natural properties, which make it stronger than other building materials, ABEL Clay’s new factory, TK4, the most technologically advanced clay facility in the Western hemisphere, enables a quality manufacturing process.

Why choose ABEL Clay?

Strength you can trust

Clay blocks possess more than enough strength to meet the new building requirements and codes.

Foundation that lasts a lifetime

Clay foundations will not deteriorate over time due to acids and alkaline in the surroundings and saltwater.

Reduction in labour Cost

ABEL Clay blocks are significantly lighter than concrete.

Reduced Downtime

Clay absorbs less water and dries faster, so there is less downtime during construction.

Thermal resistance

Hollow clay blocks provide far better thermal insulation than any other comparable material – 70% advantage in thermal resistivity when compared to concrete blocks (IEEE442 and ASTM5334 tests).

Fire resistance

Clay is non-combustible and as such cannot contribute to the start or rapid spread of fires – clay walls obtain maximum ratings.

Sound Resistance

Since hollow clay block walls and partition are lightweight and honeycombed with cells, they are highly resistant to the transmission of sound.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 8 × 4 in

4" x 8" x 12" (90mm x 199mm x 300mm)


4.70 ± 0.25kg

Blocks per pallet


Compressive Strength

6.9 N/mm²

Water Absorption



Abel Clay

ABEL is the largest manufacturer of clay building blocks and for over 60 years has been at the forefront of the building material industry earning a reputation for quality, variety and innovation. ABEL has commissioned the largest, state of the art, clay factory in the Caribbean.
Abel Clay


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