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O.S.H.A Policies

We value life and together we commit to ensuring its preservation.


Our operations will be run in a safety oriented, environmental conscious, socially responsible, and people sensitive manner. Together we will achieve this through the implementation of an EHS Management System and will continuously strive to exceed the requirements of local legislation.
Click here to download the ABEL/Bestcrete HSE Policy.

EHS Principles

We are all accountable for conforming to the EHS Policy

Each employee, including sub-contractor employees, is responsible for working in a manner that respects the health and safety of the individual and the environment. Such behaviour is a requirement of the workplace. All management personnel, beginning with the Managing Director, are specifically accountable for assuring compliance with the EHS Policy.

We will work diligently to prevent all accidents

We believe that all incidents, including illnesses, injuries, spills and excursions, whether immediate, latent or cumulative, can be prevented.

Line management is responsible for providing a workplace that is designed to be free of incidents, and all employees must contribute to this goal. We will sponsor environmental health and safety training to equip employees with the skills necessary to prevent incidents.

We will work practice sound environmental health and safety management

We will integrate environmental health and safety management fully with business and operating management to ensure that long-term and short-term environmental health and safety issues are considered, together with market and economic aspects, when decisions are made regarding new and existing processes, products and services. We are committed to continual improvement in all aspects of our environment health and safety performance.

We will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and permits, and will develop and employ more restrictive internal standards where necessary to conform to ABEL/BESTCRETE EHS Policy

We will be proactive when dealing with environmental health and safety issues, work with government officials and others to develop reasonable laws, regulations, standards and protocols and take appropriate actions that my precede laws or regulations.

We will report on our activities

We will communicate promptly and openly with individuals and communities regarding the environmental health and safety aspects and impacts of our operations, as well as with concerned parties who request such information. We will also provide an Annual Environmental Health and Safety Report that describes our programs, plans and performance.

We will support sustainable development, the responsible use of natural resources and energy conservation

We will incorporate sustainable development into our operations by integrating environmental health and safety considerations into all relevant business decisions. We will utilize the best available information to plan and execute all projects that involve extraction of our raw materials, or which may restrict the use of natural resources or impact eco-systems, will strive to maximize efficient energy use, conserving non-renewable resources.

We will supply safe and reliable products and services

We will take all reasonable precautions to assure that the products and services that we supply to customers are consistent with the EHS Policy. Customers will be provided with complete and accurate product and service information.

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