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Need Help? Call us on (868) 28-BUILD

Ford Trinidad Showroom / Service Center

Location: Charles Street, Port of Spain

Client: Ford Trinidad

Supply & Installation of 1282 m2 (13800 sq. ft.) of Aluminum Composite Panel (4mm thick exterior grade) installed on 18 gauge sub-girth fixed to existing block wall, 16mm (5/8”) thick joint spacing filled with 16mm (5/8”) dia. backer rod & silicone sealant as per manufacturer’s specifications.

Supply & Installation of 240 m2 (2590 sf. ft.) of Glazing infill (Curtain Wall) complete with 10mm (3/8”) Grey HS Laminated Reflective Glass; 13mm (½”) tempered all glass rail door and heavy duty sliding doors fitted with 10mm (3/8”) laminated glass.

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