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For new buildings or modernization projects, TKE Elevators developed Synergy, an innovative system for elevators without machine rooms. Based on state of the art technology, the system can be used in residential and commercial buildings, and it has an excellent cost-benefit relation for both new installations and modernizations.

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Synergy is a modular system that can be easily adapted to specific requirements of regional markets. The main advantages are the compact dimensions of the shaft and the absence of machine rooms, which saves space and construction cost. These characteristics also ensure more creative freedom for architects and significantly less complex planning. Each Synergy system for elevators offers an ideal combination for the architectural planning of a project. Short delivery times, low power consumption, and long operating life complete the overall positive image of the innovative Synergy system for elevators.

Features include:

  • Flexible, compact and innovative
  • Car without a structure, with drive traction from below
  • Gearless machine system
  • Smooth and quiet movement
  • Low power consumption

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The world-renowned brand, TKE delivers the latest in technology and design in “lift transportation systems”. TKE has been providing advanced transportation systems to the global market over 75 years. With an extensive product line engineered to meet the challenges of today’s modern building, TK Eelevators, together with ABS, will undoubtedly reach greater heights.
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